Happy Birthday

Happy 3rd birthday, Jose Lin! Yesterday we celebrated you! I hope one day you get to read this blog post and know just how special you are to our family.

I'll never forget the day that I went in for my first pregnancy appointment. When the OB came in to confirm that I was pregnant and told me the due date I almost fell off the exam table. "Your babies due on July 17th," she said. To most, that is just another date, but to me, it's my father's birth date. 

There's a lot that my dad physically missed out on since the day he unexpectedly passed but I always knew he was there for my wedding day and especially knew he would be forever a part of our first child's everything.

I went into labor on July 2nd, the date that we had to say goodbye to my dad. It rained on the day that my dad passed and to no surprise, it rained on the day that our little man arrived on July 3rd. I know that everyone's own child is very special, but my son, he truly is a gift from above who will forever have a special angel watching down on him. And, it's really crazy how Jose's personality is identical to my dad's personality and talents - funny, temperamental (ha), loving, pulls apart every toy to put them back together (my dad always loved fixing broken things), sings all day everyday (my dad was a choir singer) and my favorite of them all - they are both very kind hearted.

I can't wait to see who you become, Jose and what kind things you do in this world. I pray you continue to spread your love! P.S. You're an amazing big brother!

Sharing a few of my favorite photos of my sweet little boy throughout his three years.


Worth Family Session

This family is pure perfection! I met them when I first moved to Cincinnati and have always loved every session with this easy going family and their perfect toddler boy. And YES, the perfect toddler really does exist! Then a new sassy addition arrived! Sharing some of my favorites from their session. 

P.S. How cute are the parents!

Worth family, you are a gem to photograph!